I never thought writing would get me talking

Monday, October 4, 2010 at 12:53 pm

I tell my boys, “Every event changes what comes after.” I want them to understand, in advance, the consequences for what they do or say. I know, however, that it’s something they’ll only learn with experience. And at my age, I’m still not so great at filtering what I think before it tumbles out of my mouth. But I digress…

I never imagined a consequence of writing a book would be having to talk about it. I’ve attended several book club meetings, but lately I’ve given speeches before some larger groups. Talking to people, one on one, is easy for me. I enjoy people. But lump of group of you guys together, and my legs begin to quiver. I hide myself behind the podium so no one will know. Without a glass of water next to me, I would surely die of thirst.

I’m told it will get better, get easier, and I really hope so because I have my biggest audience later this month. If anyone has advice on how to make a writer a talker, I’m all ears.

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  1. Most public speaking causes a bit of the butterflies. When speaking to large groups about my profession, I try to harness the nerves for a little added power. I remind myself that the group invited me to describe my experiences, and to tell them about what I am good at so that they can learn about something outside of their own world. No attending audience members will be there to criticize you. They’re there because they respect you and hope that your words might motivate, captivate or just plain old entertain them…Break a leg. 60N20

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