Baseball and Valentine’s

Saturday, February 13, 2010 at 8:02 am

I fell in love late in life, with baseball. I’ve been an athlete of some sport all my life and today play competitive tennis, but baseball was just a mere blip on my sport radar. But as is often the case, when you love someone, you love what they love. That love began to beat with my oldest son’s declaration five years ago that he was going to pitch for the Yankees when he grew up, and today I still believe him. I watched David Cone’s perfect game on the MLB channel recently. I can’t imagine that feeling of absolute perfection. Trying to put myself in Cone’s head during that game, was he thinking about it or was he trying to NOT think about it, did he grow more nervous with each inning or less? Most of the time, love isn’t perfect. But some days, it just is.

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  1. Hard to imagine the laser focus that one must have to reach that level of perfection. Wonder if perfection is contagious. Guess who threw out the first pitch for the game that Cone pitched? Don Larsen. His claim to fame? He was the first Yankee to pitch a perfect game.

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