Gridiron maturity at 13

Monday, September 6, 2010 at 9:11 am

I have learned so much from my boys…they’ve introduced me to sports I’ve never noticed, strength I’ve never seen, and love that’s never shaken. And now I have the pleasure of seeing my oldest transform for boy to man…

He played his first football this season, and on the far side of the defensive line, I rarely saw him much less the plays he did or didn’t make. At dinner I asked him how he did in the loss…What was noteworthy was that he talked about the good things he did out there, but he also, and more importantly, talked about the misses he had and how “ticked” he was about not making those tackles. Ahh…beautiful responsibility…lacking in so many young people today. After he got it all off his ever-growing but not yet hairy chest, I told him I was most proud of the fact that he was looking at himself objectively, his awareness of his failures and his determination to improve…yep, he’s learning how to be an adult and reminding me of just what that means.

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