Tim Tebow spoke

Friday, April 23, 2010 at 6:14 am

Listening to Tim Tebow last night as he defended his first round pick to the Broncos, rather than savoring that moment for the pure joy of being an NFL drafteee, he had to answer questions about why him and why there. Bradford didn’t. Pouncey didn’t. Their moments of limelight were pure celebration. But Tim did what few do – he took those questions as an opportunity to tell the world how hard he will work to do what is asked of him. He didn’t bite back. The smile never left his face. Last night I became a Bronco’s fan because the Broncos chose Tebow and Tebow smiled.

So why does this matter to a writer? I listen to words. I watch for silent sneers and body language that says something different. Tebow has none of that. Tebow is pure – not perfect of course – but he is as pure of a young man as I’ve seen. Tebow’s not fodder for a mystery or drama. He is an inspiration.

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