When they grow up

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 at 6:30 am

Driving home from an unsuccessful baseball tournament this weekend, my 13-year-old said to me that his teammate “acknowledged that he needs to work on…” Maybe I shouldn’t have been taken aback by his use of the word “acknowledged,” but I was. He’s a teen. He’s growing up. But the beautiful thing is that his language is too.

My younger son, by one year, ignited car-full laughter as I drove when he was the tender age of 4. His older brother said something to him, to which little bit replied, “Be quiet. I’m concentrating.” Now mind you, he didn’t pronounce the word quite right, but we knew exactly what he meant.

Our children hear us. They file away our language and our actions. Every now and then you’ll hear yourself in their voices. It’s a cautionary tale…but it can also be quite amazing.

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