Police Academy, not the movie

Thursday, January 28, 2010 at 7:19 am

To work as a police officer, you have to go to the police academy first. My program was nearly nine months of nightly training in a variety of disciplines including legal, first responder, physical training, tactical training, firearms and other areas germaine to police work including driving…Our instructors were tough and smart, and the students, mostly scared, mostly smart, but some not so much. One of the women in the class thought miming was a form of communication that could be used on the job. She didn’t graduate, and justifyable so. There were many funny stories, but this one was the best. We were practicing felony takedowns in an empty parking lot at the top of a hill behind the school. Here’s the scene: A cadet was sitting in a parked car and two other cadets were practicing the takedown one holding an unloaded shotgun and the other holding an unloaded handgun. We were yelling at the “suspect” in the car to get out, put the keys on the roof, hands on your head, yadda yadda when all of the sudden… (read the rest of the story tomorrow)

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