Guns and no roses, part II

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 at 7:17 am

I’ve pulled in behind him at a gas station, and asked him for his driver’s license and insurance. I walk slowly back to my police car, stalling for time. After a few moments, I return to his car to tell him I’m going to give him this cheesy ticket and return to my car to write it. I’m waiting and waiting for the sheriff’s department to show up, but nothing…I return to the suspect, apologize for taking so long, “I haven’t been doing this long, filled the first ticket out incorrectly, so sorry, so sorry…” trying to keep him from getting suspicious at the inordinate amount of time this is all taking…(we’re allowed to lie about certain things). Finally the deputies arrive, serve their warrant, cuff him and secure him in their car. They asked me to search his vehicle. There, beneath the driver’s seat, is a loaded hand gun. Like I said, guns and no roses.

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