Where have I been

Sunday, August 14, 2011 at 7:15 pm

It’s been a while, dear blog, since we’ve spoken. I’ve been busy, you know, on a new adventure. And the interesting thing, dear blog, is not the subject of that adventure but the fact that at my ripe old age of 47 that I’m doing something a year ago I never would have imagined. Every time I think I understand myself, I do something totally unexpected. Maybe it’s my personality, or a genetic defect, but whatever it is, I feel so sorry for those who don’t suffer from it too. How interesting life can be when you don’t know what you have in store for yourself!

I have missed you, blog, and intend to be more dutiful about spending quality time with you. And blog, if something interesting crosses your path, I understand. I hope you consider the possibilities…you just never know where that road may lead.

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