The Hill Country and rocky roads

Tuesday, November 23, 2010 at 3:09 pm

Packed to the rear window, we’re heading over four states and nine hours from Florida to Austin to visit with family for Thanksgiving. From closely cropped St. Augustine to wind-danced rye, we’ve seen some changes along the way. From rural to industrial to modern, from snapper to Dickies Pralines and corn nuts, the contrasts have been great.

Thinking back to our forefathers, the original Thanksgivingers, how this country must have been so different from that which they left behind. We have our destination; we know with whom we’ll be and how the weather will be while we visit; we packed accordingly, and if we forgot something, we can go get it.

This Thanksgiving, in addition to thanking God for our many blessings, let’s remember those who battled the unknown to settle for us a country where we can express ourselves, explore our way of life, and have chance to pursue happiness when so many of this world can’t.

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