The puzzle of summer (part I)

Sunday, August 8, 2010 at 2:56 pm

My fondest memory of this summer will not be the fabulous trip we did not take, not the idyllic lazy days of pool floating or beach swimming – nope – it will be the summer of the 2,000 piece puzzle. When your son breaks his arm just when summer starts, it changes things, vacation plans, adventures, even simple Florida swimming. Not knowing how to spend all these hot days, I bought a 2,000 piece puzzle featuring the night skyline of Las Vegas. We cleared the dining room table of its formalities and set to work.

Now healthy 13-year-old boys have no time for such childish things, but he, too, was drawn to it. Of course, my one-armed 12-year-old was, too, but what I found most intriguing is that my husband and I spent so much time hunched over with wine glasses celebrating the smallest of finds. An old friend from Finland came to visit us, and amid English curses and giggles, we worked late into the night. (more to come)

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