When relievers just aren’t

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 at 6:10 am

I watched (sadly) as Joba blew a multi-run lead to the Red Sox last night. The Yankees had the game sewed up, or so I thought. Watching pitchers and as the mother of two, it can be so hard to witness their struggles. I turned off the game – I had seen enough, but as a parent, well – you can’t. You have to sit there, hope for a turnaround, and if there isn’t one, pick up the pieces after quiet tears find you after the game.

My oldest recently announced he didn’t want to pitch anymore. Of course it came on the heels of a defeat and was only true for half an hour or so. Still, I was shocked to hear those words from a boy who loves pitching more than life itself. Maybe experiences like Joba’s show him no one’s perfect, and no one ever will be. Relievers can’t always be a relief and 13-year-olds can’t always rule the world….

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