My kids aren’t writers, and I’m going to have to live with that

Monday, May 17, 2010 at 1:12 pm

When you hold that little baby, you expect to see a lot of yourself in them – maybe not in their infancy, but one day…As I was writing even in elementary school, well, I expected that they too…I was wrong. Neither of my middle school boys care one iota about writing, not now anyway. They are scientifically inclined, athletic, and sports enthusiasts like their parents, but writing is not one of their joys. Hurrumph…Naturally, our hope is for them to be their own person, to find their own destiny and not have to follow in anyone’s footsteps…so I know we should be proud. But there is a part of me that hopes one day that they, too, will find another passion communicating as storytellers. But don’t tell them I said so…

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  1. What, are you crazy Susan? Wanting your kids to be a writer? Living half of their life in make-believe worlds, totally alone, eeking out an existence on little or no pay… I’m inclined to believe and hope that the desire to write is a mutation born soley out of rare human conditions and not subject to genetic familial heredity. The creativity gene passes on automatically, hopefully manifesting in rich and productive ways. The human mechanism for counteracting any gene for obsessive storytelling can usually be labeled as ‘teenage rebellion’ and thank God for it!

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