Computers can’t read or (what!) interpret

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 at 6:30 am

My 6th-grade son has to write an essay. He writes it online. He submits it to some program. He gets a grade. What? Really? How ridiculous!!

Since when did computers come with the ability to read and interpret creative writing? That would be just before they take over the world. And just to show you how ridiculous that grading system is, you can increase your score by adding exclamation points! Really?? How crazy! His grade still wasn’t high enough with the !! so he added some nonsensical fluff. Eureka! Those sentences give him the A he is seeking!! Yeah!

No computer nor program will ever be a substitute for a teacher of English. Can’t happen. Computer programs are a wonderful tool for the writer, but they can never be the audience.

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