I confess I’m a product of oil

Thursday, May 6, 2010 at 6:29 am

That’s right…my dad was (and still is at 82) an oil and gas producer. Some of my childhood was spent in the backwoods of Mississippi and Alabama checking out his wells. He’s proud to tell strangers that he had to change out some equipment on a well and needed just one more hand on the rig. His then seven-year-old daughter volunteered – me. My dad’s geologic endeavors in the business allowed my family to travel the world. But it was boom or bust…still is. I’ve seen my dad rich and I’ve seen him poor. The oil and gas business is a huge gamble, especially for a small producer.

I’ve talked to him about BP’s spill. Like all of us, he hopes the impact remains small. Most producers care a great deal about the environment. But disasters like this give – even the good guys – a black eye.

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