The juxtaposition of nature and steel

Saturday, April 3, 2010 at 10:10 am

We just left the Tampa Electric plant for a tour – not of the facility but of the creatures swimming in the waters surrounding the billowy stacks. In the colder months, manatees seek the shelter of warmer waters, and Tampa Electric has provided walkways, viewing areas and a museum free to the public. Not only did we see manatees, but we also saw fiddler crabs, tarpon, small sharks, a spotted ray, and other fish large and small we couldn’t identify against the backdrop of this highly industrial area. It was an interesting justaposition of nature against steel.

But are we any different? Can’t you be the nicest person ever and then the meanest? Loving and then cold? Joking and then jousting? Or like me, the debutante and the cop?

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