Mini but mighty

Monday, January 11, 2010 at 9:10 am

I’m not a big person – I know that. I’m rather short, not fat – just proportional. I guess that’s why so many people are shocked that I used to be a police officer. I had tools, of course, to level the playing field on the job, but most often my words were able to control most situations. I was only injured once, and not badly, but a big guy just mowed me down as he ran away from my partner and me. Of course I popped up and gave chase, and we eventually caught him (with more help), but it was a reminder that not all people will responsibly respond to verbal commands.

I think of this only because of the recent movie The Blind Side. The Tuohy family, namely Leigh Anne, the matriach, was able to change the course of Michael Oher’s life with her words. A tiny woman, Leigh Anne used her words and compassion to take a young man off the streets and allow him to reach his potential both in school and off the football field.

What does that have to do with police work? Never underestimate the power of small women with big words…

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